Fix Health Care for Hoosier Farmers

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Hoosier Farmers are being locked out of affordable health care options. Stand with the Farm Bureau today to secure the future of rural health in Indiana.

Hoosiers Need Accessible & Affordable Health Care

  • Rising health care costs are impacting the financial stability of the family farm and rural communities. Many Farm Bureau members go without coverage.

  • 78% of Hoosier farmers say the cost of health care is important to the profitability of their business.*

  • Changes in federal requirements have made it harder for many farmers to find the health options that they need and deserve – because so many are self-employed without any employees.

  • As sole proprietors without employees, many farm families are stuck in the middle and lack affordable choices. They often can’t obtain health care through their employer or a small group plan and likely do not qualify for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

  • Many Farm Bureau members have no affordable choice and choose not to get health benefits at all, impacting rural health.

Costs are Rising While Farm Income Shrinks

  • It is a brutal and unsustainable combination that is impacting the financial stability of farm families. Indiana Farmers have also said that health care costs is top concern they face.*

  • 43% of Indiana farmers under 65 have chosen to not get treatment for a health condition because of the cost.*

  • To provide an innovative, affordable health benefit choice for owner-operators with no employees, legislation is required.

Serving Our Members – Finding Health Care Solutions for Hoosiers

  • Indiana Farm Bureau will pursue legislation so we can offer a non-insurance, high quality and more affordable health benefits to our members.

  • Indiana Farm Bureau has a 100 year history of creating solutions for our members. Our members have asked for help and we are responding.

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Fix Health Care for Hoosier Farmers

* Indiana Farm Bureau Poll/Bellwether Research survey of Indiana farmers, conducted December 5 – 8, 2019